2024 International Academic Conference on Edge Computing, Parallel and Distributed Computing
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2024年边缘计算与并行、分布式计算国际学术会议(ECPDC 2024)

2024 International Academic Conference on Edge Computing, Parallel and Distributed Computing Successfully Held!



2024 edge computing and Parallel, Distributed Computing International Academic Conference "came to a successful conclusion in a warm academic atmosphere. The conference brought together top scholars, industry leaders and innovative practitioners around the world to conduct in-depth discussions on the latest theories, key technologies and application practices of edge computing and parallel and distributed computing, and painted a magnificent picture of future development for the global information technology field.




During the conference, there was a strong academic atmosphere and sparks of thought scattered throughout the venue. Experts and scholars have conducted extensive and in-depth exchanges on edge computing architecture optimization, data security, resource scheduling, parallel and distributed computing algorithm innovation, performance improvement, cross domain collaboration and other cutting-edge topics in the form of keynote speeches, questions and exchanges. They shared their latest research results, practical experience, and innovative thinking, which sparked enthusiastic discussions and active interaction among participants, fully demonstrating the enthusiasm and persistence of the academic community in promoting technological progress in related fields.


The conference featured numerous highlights, with a series of heavyweight reports attracting attention. This provides a platform for the new generation of scientific research talents to showcase their talents and exchange ideas, highlighting the high importance that the conference attaches to academic inheritance and the cultivation of innovative talents.




The successful holding of the 2024 edge computing and Parallel and Distributed Computing International Academic Conference not only provides a high-end, open and diversified academic exchange platform for global scholars, but also promotes knowledge innovation and technological progress in related fields. We firmly believe that with the continuous development and widespread application of these cutting-edge technologies, they will inject strong impetus into building a smart and networked future world.


Looking forward to meeting you again next year at the ECPDC conference!